Our role

Our role is to work with the individuals and teams in our clients’ organisations, supporting them in developing their effectiveness in managing supplier relationships, and the supplier’s performance There are three  dimensions to this role:

  • Designing training programmes to develop the skills of people involved in managing suppliers. A key aspect of the approach is that existing processes and systems are intergrated so what we produce is part of a cohesive strategy
  • Facilitating workshops to help teams develop their plans and strategies for developing their supplier management effectiveness .  The number and depth of workshops is defined by the client requirements. For example, our programmes can range from a 2 day workshop to a six month programme involving a number of small bite events, combined with self learning and coaching activities.
  • An active role in working with the client in implementing what has been learned back in the workplace, so that value in the business is maximised

Usually these dimensions are not exclusive and there are links between them. So we often have a combined training/ consulting function. Training always involves working on live supplier situations so people leave a training workshop with clearly defined, real world action plans

Contact us on: info@suppliermanagementtraining.co.uk