The focus

We have developed a supplier lifecycle template which describes the end to end process from engagement through to renewal or exit.  This provides a context for the people we are training as they can see where their prime involvement is and how they interact with procurement, legal and risk teams in the business.    

Typically the people we work with 

  • Often have a role in the engagement process, as the subject matter expert, working with procurement teams
  • Have a prime role in managing the supplier relationship and performance at an operational or business level
  • Manage suppliers who are project based or are contracted to provide on going service delivery and are strategically important to the organisation

Whilst not exclusively, a high percentage of our work is with teams that manage IT suppliers. Other areas in BPO and KPO represent a range of other functions, for example -facilities management, marketing, back office processing,HR/ payroll, and customer services.  

The focus for our training is in the post engagement stage, with the dual themes of managing supplier performance and the supplier relationship - of course, the two are inextricably linked.How the supplier is engaged will determine how the relationship develops, and the degree to which value can be gained - our holistic approach enables us to build in the necessary links and bridges across all phases of the supplier lifecycle

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