Our Strategic lifecycle sets the context for each module in our library. It describes the journey involved in the end to end process.  Whilst the focus for our training is on the delivery phase of the lifecycle - managing the performance of and the relationship with the supplier  -  our approach is holistic, ensuring the links and bridges are created between steps

IRSID  - The lifecycle -  has 5 distinct but interdependent stages

Identify -     Identify the requirements. This is a key feed into the lifecycle.

Research -  The supply market, potential suppliers, sourcing strategy, supplier categorisation  

Source -      The formal process of going to market, receiving proposals, supplier selection

Integrate -   The engaging and transitioning phase, through to BAU and handover

Deliver -      Managing the performance of and the relationship with the supplier 

We have developed content for each of the phases.  As we design programmes against a client specific brief, we will use your lifecycle, and can adapt  our core contents, to ensure relevance and context to your business and existing processes.

We can provide a detailed description of the lifecycle, breaking down each stage into a number of key components   

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