Questions - thought provokers

  • How effective are your supplier managers at establishing, or rebuilding where necessary, a positive way of working with their suppliers?
  • Are your supplier managers able to balance directing and engaging communication styles so that the suppliers energy is used and performance optimised?
  • How successful are your supplier managers in gaining the most value from the relationship by creating the right mix of managing on contract and relationship?
  • To what extent are supplier review meetings effective in providing two way feedback opportunities and driving continuous performance improvements?
  • How competent and confident are your people in negotiating with suppliers to arrive at positive and workable solutions, for example in scope change situations?
  • What are your supplier managers abilities in resolving conflicts and disputes without immediately resorting to the contract and escalation?  
  • What experience do your people have in working cross culturally?

Do these questions have any resonance? Have your answers caused any alarm bells?

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