Some realities

The following observations are made by respected organisations and specialists in outsourcing

  • "Half of this years IT outsourcing projects will be taged as failures by senior decision makers for not delivering on bottom line promises. Outsourcing is prone to failure because of breakdowns in communications between between outsourcing providers and their clients"  [Gartner article published by CRN]
  • " After more than 20 years of modern outsourcing articles and studies still proclaim a failure rate ranging from 25%'s no secret that manging an outsourcing relationship is not easy"  [Pillsbury Global Sourcing]  
  • "One of the top 3 reasons for poor outsourcing outcomes is uninvolved clients. You [the client] must take it seriously at your end and work with vendors just the way you would work with people you employ directly"  [QX - specialists in accounting, recruitment and IT outsourcing

Brief extracts -  but they illustrate some key themes -  communication breakdown, the challenges in managing the relationship, the need for active client involvement post contract signing.

These are exactly the challenges we work with our clients in solving - Developing behavioural and influencing skills, enabling their people to effectively manage supplier relationships and performance throught the supplier lifecycle  

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