HR Team’s contribution to our supplier management initiative - by developing the skills, knowledge and confidence of our people responsible for the management of our IT vendors – has clearly been effective. They have demonstrated that they have a lot of relevant experience, are flexible, can relate it to our environment and culture, and can deliver focused and engaging training……………….participant feedback represents some of the most positive we have ever received for any training programme”    University of Nottingham, Information Services 

Richard Moxham of HR Team/ Supplier Management Training has delivered training for two of our clients; as we have long term relationships with them we wanted to make sure that the training would be of the highest quality.  As both organisations are subject to public sector procurement rules it was very important that the training was set in the correct context. In both cases Richard demonstrated in depth knowledge of the subject, and a high level of training/ facilitation skill.  I would have no hesitation in asking Richard to partner with us again with other clients of ours”.  AssistKD       

“The training was very well received with positive feedback from all involved. The interactive approach enabled us to focus on solutions to the real world challenges we face at GAP. The team members involved gained confidence and skills, and from an organisation perspective we have been able to implement many of the practical ideas and methodologies from the training.  I would not hesitate to recommend HR Team/ Supplier Management Training if you are looking for relevant, specialist, practical training in the supplier management area” GAP Inc, Europe IT   




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