Welcome to Supplier Management Training

Our name – Supplier Management Training – describes exactly what we do. We work with our clients in developing the Knowledge, skills and effectiveness of their staff who are involved in supplier relationship and performance management  

We are part of hr Team UK Ltd - a training and development consultancy, established in the UK for over twenty years, and operating across Europe with co-operation partners.

Supplier Management Training Ltd was established to respond to a specific demand.  Over the last ten years the number of projects hr Team has been working on in the area of supplier management has increased at an exceptional rate. So, we have set up a team and a brand to focus on this specialist area.

We have become thought leaders in this field, and our IP is now used, on a licence arrangement, by other consultancies for delivery to their clients 

Our clients are from a range of market sectors. What they do have in common is the objective of maximising the value they can get from their suppliers, be they conventional customer/ supplier relationships, or outsource and offshore contracts. They see that the skill, knowledge and confidence of their people who are involved in supplier relationship management are key in creating this value.

We work on an in house basis only so all of our programmes are developed in the context of a client’s business, goals, strategy and challenges. This ensures that what we deliver is focused and relevant. Unlike “generalist training” what we deliver is clearly measurable in business terms - the additional effectiveness and value you gain from your suppliers.

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Contact us on: info@suppliermanagementtraining.co.uk